A.R., former client

“Aaron Meyer is a lawyer dedicated to his clients 100% of the time. His compassion for you and ability to look at you as innocent until proven guilty gives him the strength to fight and not quit. His devotion goes above and beyond. He met with me day and night, weekdays and weekends. He does whatever it takes to terminate the case as soon as possible. Aaron has worked with me personally since 2010 when the Marine Corps wanted to kick me out because I was hurt in combat and suffered traumatic brain injury along with PTSD. The military saw me as a risk after I got a DUI and got put in county jail for a bar fight. At that point, the Marine Corps saw me as a problem and not an injured Marine that got hurt in Baghdad, Iraq. The second case Aaron and I fought was an outrageous allegation of sexual assault made by my ex-wife. She wanted vengeance and complete control of my children. She, knowing the military’s fight against sexual misconduct, thought that she could get the attention of my commander and put me away for the rest of my life, and I got charged again. Lucky for me, Aaron was already preparing for the long fight that was ahead for us. He proved before the case even went to a jury of my peers that the allegations were false. After I watched Aaron take the story apart piece by piece, she finally admitted that she lied and all she wanted was vengeance. With Aaron’s dedication, he saved my life that day. He is hardnosed and highly motivated for his clients. He will go the distance to see that justice is served and that an innocent man does not go to jail. I personally have gotten to know Aaron for the past four years and I would put him against any lawyer and I know he will win.”

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