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Active Duty Military Defense Attorney

“I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Aaron Meyer in all matters involving litigation. I personally worked with Aaron on complex and time consuming felony level cases. What impressed me the most about Aaron was his tenacity in the court room and his undying loyalty for his client and the integrity of the legal system. His reputation is that of a tenacious defense attorney, well versed in the rules of courts-martial and one who gets the very best result for his clients. His skills go beyond those learned in law school however, his enthusiasm and total dedication to his clients are in keeping with the highest traditions of the legal profession and reflection of his personal character. Anyone seeking a zealous advocate to litigate on their behalf would do well to retain Aaron Meyer.”

Matthew B

“The best litigator I’ve seen. No more explanation needed.”

Colby Vokey, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Ret.), Military Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

“Fearless and smart. Aggressive and tireless. There isn’t a better trial lawyer in any military courtroom. He fights. And wins. I would have defend me or my kids without hesitation. Has developed a superior reputation as a top litigator. Judges respect him. Prosecutor fear and dread him. Simply put- he is one of the best lawyers to have entered a courtroom. I highly recommend Aaron Meyer.”

Christopher Hibbard

“Hands down the best attorney anybody can ask for.”

A.M.R., client

“I’ve been a U.S. Marines for almost 18 years, during this time I’ve served four combat tours, have been highly decorated for my achievements, and received a Purple Heart for actions in combat. Despite my honorable service, in September 2009-November 2013, I would be placed under investigation and eventually go through a General Court Martial for a crime I did not commit. 
While righteously professing my innocence, I volunteered for a polygraph, turned over all documents pertaining to my case, went through a thorough pretrial (where my case was recommended to be dropped) and remained cooperative throughout, in hope of a quick resolution. Regardless of my efforts, I was subjected to a hostile and vindictive environment in which further threats of legal action (for noncompliance), humiliation tactics, and daily reprimands were commonplace, all seemingly because I would not agree to any plea of guilt. My charges would go from 4 to 29 as my Court-Marital date came closer, majority of the new charges had nothing to do with my initial investigation. This hardship was difficult in its own right, but was compounded by the injury I was recovering from, successfully creating a ruinous environment for my family and I. The diligence of Aaron Meyer would be instrumental in the reduction of such unwarranted actions and the outcome of not guilty on all charges. As a matter of fact, I received an apology from the jury members for what I went through. 
 Mr. Meyer represented me professionally and ethically, although his tenacity seemed overbearing at times, it would be necessary to overcome the bombardment we faced for years. Aaron Meyer is not your typical “bow tie” attorney. His strong demeanor is complimented with intelligence and honesty. He is an articulate representative that will coherently define your position and command justice, two things that will bring comfort to any uncertain situation. My family and I owe a great debt to Aaron Meyer.”

Matthew L

“If you want the best result, you need the best attorney.”

R.D., former client

“In 2010, I was falsely accused of a crime I didn’t commit and was in desperate need of legal counsel who was passionate in defending the innocent and who knew how to expertly present my case with salient facts gathered through exhaustive research. Aaron Meyer did just that and was the perfect man for the job – he was truly invaluable in helping me through this difficult time. 

Aaron Meyer eased much of my stress by solely dealing with the judges, prosecutors and law enforcement investigators involved in my case. He confidently and thoroughly prepared me for my hearing and the whole legal process I experienced, which brought me comfort in knowing what to expect during each stage. He was truthfully responsive, available, and compassionate with my questions, requests, and issues. 

During my hearing, he successfully and expertly confuted witnesses who testified against me and refuted their statements. His presentation of the facts on my behalf successfully maneuvered my case for a win, and after all that was said and done, justice was served and I was cleared of the false criminal accusation against me. I returned home relieved and grateful to have been represented by a passionate and dedicated attorney who’s priority is to fully and successfully represent his clients.”

Betsy R., parent of former client

Thank you my Angel for believing in my son and defending him with all of your might and obtaining the justice that he deserved.”

Carol M

That’s when Capt. Meyer came into our lives. He took my son’s case, believed in him, worked, and investigated every aspect of the case. Turning every stone, not leaving one detail behind, Capt Meyer was not only able to stop his other than honorable discharge, he was able to get my son transferred into the Wounded Warrior Battalion, where he was medically treated until he was Medically Retired with a 100% Veterans Disability benefit, a pension from the Department of Defense, and full Social Security benefits.

If it weren’t for Mr. Meyer’s dedication to his clients, his hard work and outstanding work ethic, my son would not be where he is today. I highly recommend Mr. Meyer. Without a doubt in my mind, I know Mr. Meyer will defend with all his mind, heart, and knowledge any client that reaches out to him.

“Aaron Meyer is one of the most zealous advocates I’ve worked with. He takes the military injustice system by storm and doesn’t “just settle” for anything less than what his client deserves and he believes that his clients deserve “the best”… They have it with Aaron Meyer!””

Kyle M

“I met Captain Meyer in 2010. My son was an active duty US Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton. Upon his return from Iraq, my son was suffering from PTSD and TBI. Even though, his command was aware of his health condition, they offered him no mental health treatment. During the months of April and July 2010, my son had two incidents directly related to his mental condition. Because of these incidents, the Marine Corps not only demoted my son but wanted to give him an other than honorable discharge.

“If you want the best, you found him. Most zealous attorney I’ve met.”

Marine Corps’ Regional Defense Counsel – West Coast

“A rare talent in the courtroom. His cross examination skills are nearly unrivaled. He represents clients fearlessly and works tirelessly on their behalf. He loves his clients and fellow defense counsel and he pursues his cases with a level of dedication that is inspiring.”

Jeff Thomas

“Exceptional. Hardworking and competent. Thank you.”

A.R., former client

“Aaron Meyer is a lawyer dedicated to his clients 100% of the time. His compassion for you and ability to look at you as innocent until proven guilty gives him the strength to fight and not quit. His devotion goes above and beyond. He met with me day and night, weekdays and weekends. He does whatever it takes to terminate the case as soon as possible. Aaron has worked with me personally since 2010 when the Marine Corps wanted to kick me out because I was hurt in combat and suffered traumatic brain injury along with PTSD. The military saw me as a risk after I got a DUI and got put in county jail for a bar fight. At that point, the Marine Corps saw me as a problem and not an injured Marine that got hurt in Baghdad, Iraq. The second case Aaron and I fought was an outrageous allegation of sexual assault made by my ex-wife. She wanted vengeance and complete control of my children. She, knowing the military’s fight against sexual misconduct, thought that she could get the attention of my commander and put me away for the rest of my life, and I got charged again. Lucky for me, Aaron was already preparing for the long fight that was ahead for us. He proved before the case even went to a jury of my peers that the allegations were false. After I watched Aaron take the story apart piece by piece, she finally admitted that she lied and all she wanted was vengeance. With Aaron’s dedication, he saved my life that day. He is hardnosed and highly motivated for his clients. He will go the distance to see that justice is served and that an innocent man does not go to jail. I personally have gotten to know Aaron for the past four years and I would put him against any lawyer and I know he will win.”

Whitney Scott

“There are no words to properly express what this attorney brings to the table.”

Carlos O., Former Client

“When I first got the news that I was going to a court martial I was really worried. My assigned lawyer was incompetent and rude. When I asked for a new lawyer a high-ranking lawyer in the Marine Corps recommended Aaron Meyer who was starting to make a name for himself. As soon as I met him, I was relieved. From the first meeting I knew I had a special lawyer on my side. From the moment he was assigned my lead defense attorney he always kept me informed of everything. Not only did he look after me because we were fellow Marines, he also always looked out for me personally and my future. I have the upmost respect for Mr. Meyer and would do anything for him. In a way, he saved my life. He put his all into my case. The week of trial was rough. I didn’t sleep well, but I had a peace because I knew a special lead defense attorney. He treated me like family. It was an “Us against the world” feeling. And it was true. I will never forget the moment when I stood in front of the judge and I heard that “Of all charges not guilty.” My legs were weak and I couldn’t wait for the jury to be released. The first thing I did was give Aaron the biggest hug. He always told me we were going to win. And I never doubted him for one second.”

Senior Defense Counsel, Marine Corps’ Base Camp Pendleton

“He is clearly the best trial or defense counsel that I have observed in the courtroom due to his creativity and dedication working 12+ hour days, weekends, and holidays to ensure his clients received the best possible results.”

Leslye V

“Aaron is a great lawyer! Without his help my family wouldn’t be the same! Thank you!”

Jerry E., parent of former client

“My son who had over 16 years in the U.S.M.C. with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, 5 combat tours, bronze star with Valor, and numerous other combat decorations. When he returned with chronic severe post traumatic stress syndrome, he did not get the health care he deeply needed, and when he did, military doctors over prescribed medications . When he had a couple of incidents involving the police, the military was ready to lock him away forever. But with the expert guidance of Aaron Meyer and his team, he saw our family and guided us through the darkest days of our life. I witnessed Aaron cut through the lies a prosecution lawyer was trying to sell and had that lawyer removed. My family saw justice prevail. You notice I call him Aaron. That’s because as long as I live, I will consider him one of my family and we go by first names. Even after trial, he helped my son get the Wounded Warriors program involved, the best of doctors caring for him, and got back his retirement that they wanted to take from him. God bless and have no fear when you choose to use Aaron Meyer. Thank You,”

Tony Ragan

“The “Tom Brady” of the courtroom. Fair, firm and a proven winner.”

J.E., former client

“Aaron Meyer was my lead trial attorney for over two years during my general court-martial that concluded last year. Aaron’s hard work, strong character, and willingness to go above and beyond resulted in an acquittal of all charges. He stuck by me throughout the entire length of the investigation and trial reassuring me and my family that everything will work out. Aaron takes his work very seriously and ultimately gave me back my faith in the legal system and that justice can and will prevail if you stick to your guns! My family and I will never forget the personal sacrifices he made to ensure the truth was exposed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for whom I consider to be one of the best damn Defense Attorneys around!”

Robert P

“I have had the opportunity to work with Aaron firsthand in and out of court. I have also been able to watch him in action in some of the most complex and hotly litigated cases. Aaron is, bar none, the most capable, tenacious and effective criminal defense attorney that I have ever had the privilege to work with or observe. He brings an unparalleled drive and determination to bear on behalf of his clients. Should the need ever arise for me to seek counsel, Aaron Meyer is the first number on my speed dial.”

John Wescott

“In the 4 years I worked with him (2 in the defense office, 2 as a court reporter) I can say he logged the most late nights, attacked his cases with a vigor rarely seen, and was the first person I would turn to because I know he always puts his clients first.”

C.M.B 2013, former client

“From the first time Mr. Meyer and I met, he knew it was going to be a long hard case, with so much stacked against me. But at no point did that ever stop him from proving the truth in my case. He was able to bring in number one experts in from literally all over the world. He dominated the other attorneys at trial. He was so invested and prepared, I will never be able to repay what he did to save me and my family.”

Joe N

“I’ve worked with the highest levels of leadership in the military, highly qualified litigation experts, and special victims qualified attorneys. I’ve been a prosecutor and a defense attorney, and Aaron is, heads and shoulders above, the best litigator that I’ve ever met. If I were ever in trouble, Aaron Meyer would be my first call.”

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