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Even a misdemeanor drug conviction can have far reaching effects in your personal life, ability to get a job, or your freedom. If you have been charged with drug crimes such as: possession with intent to sell, simple possession, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, possession of drug paraphernalia, solicitation, drug use, conspiracy, marijuana cultivation, prescription drug charges, Aaron Meyer Law stands ready to attack your drug case.

Whether it is a California charge, Military charge, or Federal Charge, each system has many avenues to attack drug charges, especially for first time offenders. Technical and procedural errors often exist in drug cases. Additionally, a law enforcement search and evidence seizure is often involved, giving rise to possible violations of civil and Constitutional rights. Evidence and witness statements can often be refuted or ruled inadmissible. And many diversion programs and other alternatives exist for nonviolent offenders, first time offenders, and certain eligible individuals in California.

“Aaron Meyer is not your typical “bow tie” attorney. His strong demeanor is complimented with intelligence and honesty. He is an articulate representative that will coherently define your position and command justice, two things that will bring comfort to any uncertain situation. My family and I owe a great debt to Aaron Meyer.” – A. R., former client

In the Military, even simple drug use is charged as a crime. Prosecutions under UCMJ Article 112(a) are the most common Court-Martial offense. Boasting a “zero tolerance” policy, the military pursues drug crimes diligently. Often, just a positive urinalysis means mandatory processing out of the service. Although the consequences of drug allegations in the military are dire, many avenues exist to fight a drug charge criminally, procedurally, and administratively.

Additionally, in both California and the military, drug addiction, drug withdrawal, and dissociative episodes brought on by prescription drug effects can also provide potential defenses or mitigation to drug crime allegations.

Drug charges require a meticulous and aggressive advocate to represent your interests. Aaron Meyer has demonstrated actual innocence in drug cases, had charges dismissed after demonstrating procedural and technical errors, and successfully obtained alternative resolutions, avoiding convictions in dozens of drug cases.

“Lucky for me, Aaron was already preparing for the long fight that was ahead for us. He proved before the case even went to a jury of my peers that the allegations were false.” – A.R., former client

Do not just give up and accept a plea out of fear or intimidation. Make sure you have an aggressive advocate who wont settle for “good enough.” The battle can be difficult, long, or uphill, but there can be hope when you have a lawyer doing everything possible to protect you. To find out how Aaron Meyer will start attacking the details of your case, build a close relationship with you, and commence the relentless fight, call us today at 949-390-5157 or fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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