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The Aaron Meyer Approach

1. Relationship with You- When it comes to your case, YOU are the expert in the details surrounding your experiences and the facts. Aaron Meyer knows the immeasurable power that comes from absorbing your perspective and drawing on your memory. Your interests become his interests. He considers how each decision will not just impact your case, but how it will impact your career, family, and quality of life.

Aaron Meyer keeps his promises to you. From day 1, he speaks to you frequently, openly, and honestly about the good and the bad of your case. You will never wonder if you are being told the whole truth. You will know what he is doing and why he is doing it – before he does it.

2. Detail-Obsessed Preparation. Aaron Meyer takes the time to think critically about all angles in your case. He explores all reasonable theories and technicalities, developing an uncanny ability to strike to the true heart of your case. He draws out they key facts overlooked by others. The creativity, genuine passion, and imagination it takes to win are empowered by a dogged pursuit of the details and discrepancies that matter in your case.

For that reason, although experts may be retained, Aaron Meyer insists on becoming his own expert in whatever science or discipline may be involved. Then, and only then, can he think creatively about how to best attack your case, deconstruct the other side’s case, and guide experts.

That is why he knows the facts of his cases better than anyone else involved. Truth is discovered in the small details. Every case, whether it is a case fought for a year or more leading up to trial or a matter wherein full justice is achieved through some early communication, Aaron Meyer outworks his opponent.

3. Unwavering Courtroom Success. Aaron Meyer is a trial lawyer unwilling to rest on past results. From the day your relationship is formed, Aaron Meyer is envisioning how to genuinely present your truth in court to a judge or jury. Aaron Meyer loves to cross-examine the untruthful, the self-important, and the irresponsible. If the other side agrees to settle early for our full justice, that’s great for everyone. But our march toward trial begins regardless. Aaron Meyer gains leverage at any stage of a dispute, because he energetically prepares each case as if it was going to trial.

“If it weren’t for Mr. Meyer’s dedication to his clients, his hard work and outstanding work ethic, my son would not be where he is today. I highly recommend Mr. Meyer. Without a doubt in my mind, I know Mr. Meyer will defend with all his mind, heart, and knowledge any client that reaches out to him.” – Betsy R., mother of former client.

The Aaron Meyer Difference

Although the above approach is what you should demand when you hire your lawyer, the necessary combination of courtroom talent and dogged tenacity is becoming harder and harder to find.

“A rare talent in the courtroom. His cross examination skills are nearly unrivaled. He represents clients fearlessly and works tirelessly on their behalf. He pursues his cases with a level of dedication that is inspiring.” -Marine Corps’ Regional Defense Counsel

Do not Settle for the Lazy Way out.

Too many lawyers talk a big game before getting the client’s money, only to disappear until it’s time to convince their client why they should take the less-than-best settlement or sign an easy plea. They are too complacent. Too comfortable. Too many so-called advocates fake it to get your business, hoping to avoid the time, pressure, and emotional investment required to win at trial. Truly innocent clients scare them. They shy away from the tough case. It’s faster and easier to sign up a lot of clients, give mediocre representation, and be on to the next one.

Your case may not be easy or a “slam dunk,” but that should not mean you can’t find an attorney to take up your cause. It just means we have to fight harder. Aaron Meyer welcomes the challenge. He thrives in trial. If we have to take your case all the way to trial in order to vindicate you, we are ready.

For the vast majority of cases, Aaron Meyer does not charge you by the hour. His fees are on a “flat fee” or “contingency fee” basis. This means that there is no running tab and you are not blindsided by invoices just for some phone call or case strategy sessions. Once we start, the communication and preparation is frequent, ferocious, and free.

Do not settle for a Participation Ribbon.

Many other lawyers tout their “experience” in cases they’ve “handled,“ without really showing you their actual results. Even cases handled apathetically and ineffectively count as “experience.” Is this good enough for you? No way. We do not want to “handle” your case and add a participation ribbon to some brochure. Aaron Meyer wants to attack and win your case. His experience is in success.

You hire an advocate, not a “handler.” Your story is unique. Whether it is a trumped-up criminal charge we take all the way to trial or a minor dispute with a landlord, the matter is very personal to you. Thus, it becomes personal for Aaron Meyer Law. Each case demands its own justice, and that only comes by relentlessly digging. Moral victories and status quo representation do not live here. Aaron Meyer is not happy simply with “fair shake” or “could have been worse” representation that leaves you without full justice. We demand the best possible result.

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