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Founded in 1974, shortly after the United States itself barely two decades previously, the United States Navy has become the most powerful navy in the world. As of November 2020, the Navy has almost 350,000 active-duty personnel and nearly 280,000 civilian employees across dozens of bases around the world and across the country.

The Navy itself comprises nearly over 400 ships in both active service and nearly 100 in the planning and ordering stages. The cornerstone of this massive force are the eleven massive aircraft carriers, each the centerpiece of a massive carrier group, itself comprised of several ships to both support and protect the carrier.

To support such a massive, global force requires both a lot of personnel and many bases to house and support those brave men and women. There are over forty bases along both coasts of the continental United States and Hawaii to support this huge amount of people and equipment. These include:

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  • Naval Station Norfolk – The world’s largest naval base is in Virginia, supports around 150,000 personnel, takes up around 3,400 acres of space, and can handle seventy-five ships in its massive berths.
  • Naval Base San Diego – The second-largest surface ship base for the Navy, Naval Base San Diego is also home to the Navy’s massive Pacific Fleet, which consists of over fifty ships and nearly 200 commands. The base has thirteen piers to service ships and supports over 24,000 personnel.
  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam – This famous base supports both Navy and Air Force personnel. Thousands of both Marines and Air Force personnel inhabit this massive base, with over 160 commands on site.
  • Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville – The largest naval base in the southeast, this base supports nearly 54,000 people. Its primary mission is training warfighter pilots but also serves as a hub for anti-submarine aircraft such as the P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon.
  • Naval Submarine Base New London – Known as the “Home of the Submarine Force”, this Connecticut-based naval base is the Navy’s primary east coast submarine base. The base is currently home to over a dozen attack submarines and is also a major submarine construction site.

These are just a handful of the bases the Navy runs across the country, supporting thousands of personnel and civilian employees. The Navy helps the United States project its power across the globe quickly and decisively, and the men and women who support this juggernaut of an organization deserve the best legal representation available should something happen on one of its bases. This is where Aaron Meyer comes in.

With experience both as a Marine and Judge Advocate, Aaron Meyer has the experience, skills, and knowledge to handle any case under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If you find yourself in need of legal representation, contact Aaron Meyer today to see how he can help.

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