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“In a way, he saved my life. He put his all into my case. He treated me like family. It was an “us against the world” feeling. And it was true. I will never forget the moment when I stood in front of the judge and I heard that “Of all charges not guilty.” – Carlos O., Former Client

Criminal charges vary greatly. While some are commonplace, such as DUIs and domestic violence, many others constitute complex legal situations. Homicide, sex crimes, and fraud are all criminal charges, but they do not occur as frequently as other scenarios, and some defense attorneys lack experience in these areas. No matter the situation, you should take criminal charges extremely seriously and find capable representation to protect your rights.

Being accused of a crime is a frightening and stressful prospect, whether you were expecting the charges or not. Criminal charges are a very serious matter, and there is a lengthy legal process to determine guilt and punishment for these crimes. If found guilty, the consequences can be severe. If you are faced with criminal charges, it’s important to know that there is still hope. An accusation of a crime does not mean that you’re guilty. It’s the court’s job to determine what really happened, regardless of the accusations against you.

“In a way, he saved my life. He put his all into my case. He treated me like family. It was an “us against the world” feeling. And it was true. I will never forget the moment when I stood in front of the judge and I heard that “Of all charges not guilty.” – Carlos O., Former Client

Without an attorney on your side, it can be difficult to fight back against criminal charges. This means that you are more likely to be sentenced if you try to represent yourself. It’s always best to hire a Newport Beach criminal attorney to help protect your rights and your freedom.

Aaron Meyer Law: Your Newport Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers

When it comes to criminal cases, it’s not only important to have an attorney but also to have the right attorney. Not all legal representation is created equal, and some lawyers don’t know how to represent you in complex criminal cases. Fortunately, Aaron Meyer Law has extensive experience in all aspects of criminal defense law and can give you expert legal advice.

Aaron Meyer Law defends individuals in all misdemeanor and felony criminal matters in California, Federal, and military courts. When you are arrested or charged with a crime, no matter how small, your world turns upside down, and the charge is all you think about. Aaron Meyer knows that even a minor charge has the potential to devastate your personal and professional life. For that reason, he sees no such thing as a “minor” or petty charge. There is no simple case. There is no open and shut case. Every case carries its own details, technicalities, errors, and mitigation.

Government prosecutors have significant resources and the system is stacked in their favor, but Aaron Meyer knows what it takes to win. He backs down to no one. By fighting tooth and nail, Aaron Meyer finds the theories, witnesses, evidence, and experts that other attorneys miss. He lives to genuinely and passionately present your case at trial.

Of course, no criminal defense attorney can guarantee a full acquittal or a certain result in any way. At Aaron Meyer Law, all cases are handled with the same tenacity and personal care. He explores every single avenue and theory to avoid a conviction in your case, just as he has in every case before it. See case results.

“He is clearly the best trial or defense counsel that I have observed in the courtroom” –Senior Defense Counsel, Marine Corps

What Are Criminal Charges?

As mentioned, criminal charges vary widely. There are many different acts and behaviors that fall under the category of legally actionable crimes that can be proven and prosecuted. Some examples include:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Burglary
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug possession, manufacturing, possession, and distribution
  • DUI
  • Fraud
  • Murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Theft
  • White Collar and Financial Crimes

This is not an exhaustive list but gives a good idea of how varied these cases can be. Of course, the penalties for these crimes vary depending on the situation, severity, and type of crime committed.

Criminal charges involve the state prosecuting a defendant for breaking the law. These charges differ from civil cases, in which two people or entities argue against each other about a personal issue or to establish liability for an accident. Criminal cases involve the law taking action, while civil cases are the result of citizens or private entities taking action against one another.

Why Do I Need a Newport Beach Defense Lawyer?

Because criminal cases involve the state taking action, you will be up against a robust legal system designed to bring violators to swift justice. The prosecution will come from powerful state attorneys, who usually have significant experience fighting criminal cases. They will develop a sophisticated and convincing case to prove your wrongdoing, and without proper legal defense, it can become easy for a jury to accept their story—and your guilt.

Criminal charges can carry severe punishments. Fines and probation are almost guaranteed if you’re charged, while many criminal charges also warrant jail or prison time. Your entire life can be affected if you’re sentenced, so it’s worth investing in high-powered legal representation. If you wish to preserve your life as you know it, you’ll need an attorney on your side.

Litigation vs. Settlement in a Criminal Case

Certainly, not all cases go to trial. Some require expert negotiation for a plea deal. However, Aaron Meyer’s insistence upon trial strengthens his ability to get the best possible plea deal, if necessary in your case. Many lawyers like to avoid trial, especially difficult ones. Thus, they posture and delay, hoping the case will soon end in a plea deal, with similar terms to similar past cases. Aaron Meyer welcomes trial before a jury. From the time he takes your case, we are charging headlong into trial. Before a plea is even considered, Aaron Meyer exposes and explores the weakness in the prosecution’s case. If we decide we must negotiate, we ensure we do so from a strong position.

“He stuck by me throughout the entire length of the investigation and trial reassuring me and my family that everything will work out. My family and I will never forget the personal sacrifices he made to ensure the truth was exposed.” – J.E. former client

Defenses Against Criminal Charges

Your Newport Beach criminal attorney will be able to determine which defense is right for your unique case. We have experience with many different scenarios and will be able to develop a defense that tells your story and protects your rights.

In some scenarios, law enforcement fails to behave appropriately during an arrest. An untrained civilian may not even notice their rights being violated in such situations, but there are several standards that police officers must meet to legally arrest someone. If they fail to follow these procedures, even so much as missing a single step, it can constitute an illegal violation of your rights. If police or other officials violate your rights in the course of conducting your arrest and prosecution, it may be possible to have criminal charges dropped.

A common example of inappropriate police behavior comes up during DUI charges. Officers are not permitted to pull someone over without cause. If they illegally pull someone over on a whim and discover that the driver is intoxicated, the entire case must be dismissed because the information proving the crime was obtained as the result of an illegal arrest.

This is just one example of how we can defend you. Depending on the criminal charges, there are many ways to fight back against the prosecution. You have rights. You do not necessarily need to plead guilty or accept a prosecutor’s deal to make the best of your situation. Remember, you are innocent until they can prove you guilty. Our defense’s job is simply to maintain that innocence by meeting the prosecution’s arguments with our own evidence, leading to the establishment of reasonable doubt that is required to have you judged innocent.

Appealing a Criminal Charge

If you are found guilty of a criminal charge, it’s easy to feel disheartened. Whether you’re already serving your time or waiting for sentencing, a guilty verdict can easily make you feel as though your life is over. There can still be hope, however, even after a court of law finds you guilty of a serious crime.

Criminal sentences are not always correct. Judges and juries can make mistakes. As your legal representation, our team will spell out your options if you’re found guilty and facing punishment. We may be able to file for a mistrial or bring new evidence or information to light if the prosecution’s case relied on inaccurate assumptions.

No matter your situation, we’ll work with you to make sure that you have the best possible chance of eliminating or reducing your charges through an appeal or any other legal tool available to us. If your trial attorney failed you, or if you wish to revisit your trial after serving time, we can help you to look at your options and possible paths forward.

What Makes a Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

It can be difficult to know what to expect when you hire a criminal defense attorney. Though we can’t speak for all attorneys, our firm has the highest expectations for ourselves when it comes to client interaction and satisfaction. You can trust us to listen to your story and be a source of unwavering support throughout all proceedings. No matter what happens, we’re here to represent you without judgment, and you will feel valued and appreciated as the case develops. Remember, your defense attorney is being paid to represent you and protect you in court. If you don’t feel that you can be open with them, they aren’t the right attorney for you.

It’s also important that your criminal defense attorney has experience in your specific type of case. Because all criminal cases are different, some attorneys don’t have applicable experience for your situation. A reputation for winning DUI cases, for example, will not necessarily translate to success in a homicide case.

Our team has experience in all areas of criminal law. No matter what type of criminal case you’re facing, we have a track record of success to back up our promise to fight for you. When you work with the team at Aaron Meyer Law, you’re working with Newport Beach’s best criminal defense attorneys.

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Do not be bullied by law enforcement or prosecutor intimidation. Make sure you have an aggressive advocate who wont settle for “good enough.” The battle can be difficult, long, or uphill, but hope is possible when you have a lawyer doing everything within their power to protect you.

To find out how Aaron Meyer will start attacking the details of your case, build a close relationship with you, and commence the relentless fight, call us today at 949-732-1419 or contact us for a free consultation.

“God bless and have no fear when you choose to use Aaron Meyer.” – parent of former client

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