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The United States Army is the country’s oldest and most senior branch of the uniformed armed forces. Having its roots in the Continental Army, formed in 1775, to fight in the revolutionary war, the U.S. Army has grown into one of the world’s largest fighting forces. As of September 2020, the Army is comprised of over one million uniformed personnel, including nearly 500,000 active regular army personnel, over 336,000 National Guard personnel, and nearly 200,000 Army Reserve personnel.

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Having a force this large requires a lot of real estate, and the U.S. has some of the largest military bases in the entire world. This includes:

  • Fort Bragg – Covering over 250 square miles of North Carolina, Fort Bragg is not only the largest base for the U.S. Army, it’s the largest military base in the entire world. Built-in 1918, around the end of World War I, Fort Bragg is currently home to nearly 60,000 military personnel. It’s both the home to the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps as well as the headquarters to United States Army Special Operations Command.
  • Fort Campbell – Taking up over 105,000 acres of Kentucky and Tennessee real estate is Fort Campbell, one of the largest and most populous of US Army bases. With around 30,000 active-duty personnel and nearly 235,000 total personnel, Fort Campbell is one of the largest bases in the nation. It’s also home to the famed 101st Airborne Division.
  • Fort Hood – Created at the height of World War II in 1942, Texas’ Fort Hood was built out of a need to test tanks and tank destroyers in World War II, and so 214,000 acres was set aside for the massive base. The base is headquarters to both III Corps and First Army Division West
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord – This joint based used by both the Army and Air Force when the Army’s Fort Lewis merged with the Air Force’s McChord Air Force Base in 2010. Taking up over 410,000 acres of Washington State, this base has a population of over 209,000. Fort Lewis was originally Camp Lewis, and began operation in 1917 to prepare troops for combat in Europe during World War I. The combined base now provides the entire western United States with coverage of both power and humanitarian relief efforts thanks to its massive C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.
  • Fort Benning – Taking up over 182,000 acres of both Alabama and Georgia real estate, Fort Benning supports more than 120,000 active military personnel, their families, and support staff. Built-in 1909, the base is home to the United States Army Armor School, United States Army Infantry School, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation as well as the United States Army Maneuver Center of Excellence.

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