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“I’ve been a U.S. Marines for almost 18 years, during this time I’ve served four combat tours, have been highly decorated for my achievements, and received a Purple Heart for actions in combat. Despite my honorable service, in September 2009-November 2013, I would be placed under investigation and eventually go through a General Court Martial for a crime I did not commit. 
While righteously professing my innocence, I volunteered for a polygraph, turned over all documents pertaining to my case, went through a thorough pretrial (where my case was recommended to be dropped) and remained cooperative throughout, in hope of a quick resolution. Regardless of my efforts, I was subjected to a hostile and vindictive environment in which further threats of legal action (for noncompliance), humiliation tactics, and daily reprimands were commonplace, all seemingly because I would not agree to any plea of guilt. My charges would go from 4 to 29 as my Court-Marital date came closer, majority of the new charges had nothing to do with my initial investigation. This hardship was difficult in its own right, but was compounded by the injury I was recovering from, successfully creating a ruinous environment for my family and I. The diligence of Aaron Meyer would be instrumental in the reduction of such unwarranted actions and the outcome of not guilty on all charges. As a matter of fact, I received an apology from the jury members for what I went through. 
 Mr. Meyer represented me professionally and ethically, although his tenacity seemed overbearing at times, it would be necessary to overcome the bombardment we faced for years. Aaron Meyer is not your typical “bow tie” attorney. His strong demeanor is complimented with intelligence and honesty. He is an articulate representative that will coherently define your position and command justice, two things that will bring comfort to any uncertain situation. My family and I owe a great debt to Aaron Meyer.”

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