Carlos O., Former Client

“When I first got the news that I was going to a court martial I was really worried. My assigned lawyer was incompetent and rude. When I asked for a new lawyer a high-ranking lawyer in the Marine Corps recommended Aaron Meyer who was starting to make a name for himself. As soon as I met him, I was relieved. From the first meeting I knew I had a special lawyer on my side. From the moment he was assigned my lead defense attorney he always kept me informed of everything. Not only did he look after me because we were fellow Marines, he also always looked out for me personally and my future. I have the upmost respect for Mr. Meyer and would do anything for him. In a way, he saved my life. He put his all into my case. The week of trial was rough. I didn’t sleep well, but I had a peace because I knew a special lead defense attorney. He treated me like family. It was an “Us against the world” feeling. And it was true. I will never forget the moment when I stood in front of the judge and I heard that “Of all charges not guilty.” My legs were weak and I couldn’t wait for the jury to be released. The first thing I did was give Aaron the biggest hug. He always told me we were going to win. And I never doubted him for one second.”

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