Jerry E., parent of former client

“My son who had over 16 years in the U.S.M.C. with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, 5 combat tours, bronze star with Valor, and numerous other combat decorations. When he returned with chronic severe post traumatic stress syndrome, he did not get the health care he deeply needed, and when he did, military doctors over prescribed medications . When he had a couple of incidents involving the police, the military was ready to lock him away forever. But with the expert guidance of Aaron Meyer and his team, he saw our family and guided us through the darkest days of our life. I witnessed Aaron cut through the lies a prosecution lawyer was trying to sell and had that lawyer removed. My family saw justice prevail. You notice I call him Aaron. That’s because as long as I live, I will consider him one of my family and we go by first names. Even after trial, he helped my son get the Wounded Warriors program involved, the best of doctors caring for him, and got back his retirement that they wanted to take from him. God bless and have no fear when you choose to use Aaron Meyer. Thank You,”

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