R.D., former client

“In 2010, I was falsely accused of a crime I didn’t commit and was in desperate need of legal counsel who was passionate in defending the innocent and who knew how to expertly present my case with salient facts gathered through exhaustive research. Aaron Meyer did just that and was the perfect man for the job – he was truly invaluable in helping me through this difficult time. 

Aaron Meyer eased much of my stress by solely dealing with the judges, prosecutors and law enforcement investigators involved in my case. He confidently and thoroughly prepared me for my hearing and the whole legal process I experienced, which brought me comfort in knowing what to expect during each stage. He was truthfully responsive, available, and compassionate with my questions, requests, and issues. 

During my hearing, he successfully and expertly confuted witnesses who testified against me and refuted their statements. His presentation of the facts on my behalf successfully maneuvered my case for a win, and after all that was said and done, justice was served and I was cleared of the false criminal accusation against me. I returned home relieved and grateful to have been represented by a passionate and dedicated attorney who’s priority is to fully and successfully represent his clients.”

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