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Every member of every branch of the USarmed forces has the right to legal counsel when they are accused of a crime. However, while civilians and members of the military share the constitutional right to legal counsel, the court systems used to resolve their respective criminal issues are very different. While civilians must abide by state and federal laws at all times, US military members must also adhere to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), a special set of laws and a code of conduct for US service members.

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Representing Members of the Military at Marine Corps Naval Base Kitsap

The UCMJ includes many Articles, each outlining a different expectation for members of the military and providing guidelines for resolving applicable offenses. The UCMJ includes many articles that reflect criminal laws intended for civilians, but there are special expectations for members of the military, and certain behaviors that are not illegal for civilians can have dramatic consequences for service members.

Defense Representation for Clients at Marine Corps Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton

If you serve in any branch of the US armed forces and are accused of breaching the laws or codes of conduct of the UCMJ, you could face a wide range of penalties, and your military career is likely to be at stake, depending on the gravity of your violation. While you can secure legal counsel for your impending case at no charge through a detailed military defense attorney, this would be akin to a civilian choosing to have a public defender represent them. They may be a capable attorney, but they cannot match the level of personalized legal counsel you could receive from an experienced private Bremerton military criminal defense attorney.

Aaron Meyer Law has the specific professional resources and experience a US service member needs when they are accused of violating the UCMJ. The military has a very efficient and tiered internal legal system for resolving UCMJ violations, and this system is very different from the civilian criminal justice system. However, the defendant has the same constitutional rights they would have as a civilian. It’s vital to take advantage of these rights and secure legal representation as soon as possible. Military criminal cases unfold far more rapidly than civilian cases, so you have a very limited time to secure the legal counsel you need.

Our team can provide the legal counsel you need for an Article 15 hearing, a court-martial, or any other legal proceedings you may face while stationed at Marine Corps Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, Washington. We have helped many US service members in all branches of service with their cases and have maintained a perfect record of representation thanks to Attorney Aaron Meyer’s client-focused and aggressive approach to military criminal defense.

How a Bremerton Military Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Every branch of the military has similar procedures for handling UCMJ violations and issuing penalties for convictions. At the lowest level of severity is the Article 15 citation. This is akin to a formal warning issued from a commanding officer. When a service member has committed some minor misconduct, displays consistently low performance, orviolates the UCMJ in a mild fashion, their commanding officer has the right to issue a verbal reprimand and assign nonjudicial punishments.

If a UCMJ violation is too severe for nonjudicial punishment to suffice, the defendant is likely to face a court-martial. Similar to a civilian facing either a misdemeanor or felony charge, it’s possible for a member of the US military to face a special court-martial or general court-martial. The former pertains to offenses that would typically qualify as misdemeanors for civilians and gross displays of bad character. The latter is reserved for offenses that would likely count as felonies for a civilian, and some offenses that qualify for general court-martial can lead to the most severe penalties the military can issue to a convicted service member.

If you face a court-martial at Marine Corps Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, Washington, you have the right to have a defense attorney represent you just like you would as a civilian.However, one key difference between a court-martialand civilian criminal court proceedings is that the military defendant does not face a jury but a panel of judges. And unlike a civilian court’s jury, most court-martial panels do not require a unanimous verdict to convict, only a majority.

Time is critical for any US service member at Marine Corps Naval Base Kitsap accused of violating the UCMJ. While they have the same right to legal counsel as they would in civilian criminal court, the military judicial system moves very quickly in comparison. A defendant charged with violating the UCMJ needs to secure defense representation as soon as they become aware of their impending case. The sooner you speak with a Bremerton military criminal defense attorney, the more time they have to prepare your defense, and the more likely you are to reach a favorable outcome for your case.

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Attorney Aaron Meyer is a former United States Marine and Judge Advocate for the United States Marine Corps. Throughout his career, Attorney Meyer and the team at Aaron Meyer Law have successfully represented many US service members facing criminal charges of all kinds, and our team has maintained a perfect professional record thanks to our unwavering commitment to protecting our clients’ rights.

Every branch of the military has different judicial procedures for addressing UCMJ violations; the terms and provisions of the UCMJ apply to every service member. However, even seemingly minor UCMJ violations can carry severe penalties, and serious violations could lead to a dishonorable discharge from the military, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, fines, and jail time in a military incarceration facility. It’s understandable to be distressed concerning the potential penalties you face, but the right Bremerton military criminal defense attorney can offer peace of mind and support during this difficult time. If you are ready to discuss your defense with a Bremerton military criminal defense attorney near Marine Corps Naval Base Kitsap, contact Aaron Meyer Law and schedule your consultation with our team.

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