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Naval Base Coronado is one of the largest United States Navy bases on the West Coast. It comprises eight distinct facilities from San Clemente Island to more than 60 miles east of San Diego. The base is a major staging point for many critical Naval operations in the Pacific Ocean, and thousands of personnel operate the base’s facilities daily.

Every member of every branch of the United States Armed Forces is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) articles, which is a set of laws and a comprehensive code of conduct. While many of the articles of the UCMJ reflect the laws found in the criminal codes that apply to civilians, the UCMJ is far stricter regarding the expectations of US service members. As a result, it’s possible for a member of the military to face severe repercussions for actions that are not illegal for civilians.

“Aaron takes his work very seriously and ultimately gave me back my faith in the legal system and that justice can and will prevail if you stick to your guns!…I would recommend him to anyone looking for who I consider to be one of the best damn Defense Attorneys around!” – J.E., former client

Defense Representation for Military Members Stationed at Naval Base Coronado

One similarity between US service members and civilians in the United States is the right to legal counsel when accused of a crime. The Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution preserves this right for anyone charged with any criminal offense. If you are facing a charge of violating the UCMJ, your military career and future as a civilian could be in jeopardy. You need a military defense attorney you can trust in this difficult situation.

Attorney Aaron Meyer has years of experience handling military criminal defense on behalf of US service members in every branch of the military. As a former US Marine and JAG attorney within the military, Attorney Meyer has the professional experience and resources you need on your side when your military career is at stake. Any UCMJ violation can carry severe repercussions. If you were wrongfully accused of a UCMJ violation that you did not commit, or if you believe you are being unfairly penalized for a minor offense, you must have a defense attorney you can trust to help you understand your case.

Aaron Meyer Law will begin working on your defense immediately after you retain our services. We will review all relevant documentation and records and listen carefully to your side of the events. Many service members facing judicial proceedings in the military fear the worst, feeling as though the entire justice system in their branch of service is positioned against them. A Naval Base Coronado military criminal defense attorney is the ideal resource to consult in this situation.

What to Expect in Military Criminal Cases

The military handles UCMJ violations very differently from what one would expect facing the criminal justice system as a civilian. For example, for minor offenses, a commanding officer may issue an Article 15 to a subordinate in response to a conduct violation, unethical behavior, or poor job performance. The commanding officer has the right to choose a nonjudicial punishment that fits the offense in question, and the Article 15 process often amounts to an official warning or first strike.

More severe offenses can lead to court-martial proceedings. These are reflective of civilian criminal court in that there is a special court-martial process for what would qualify as misdemeanors and a general court-martial process for offenses that qualify as felonies for civilians. A court-martial unfolds under a panel of judges, not a jury. This panel typically comprises service members of equal and greater rank than the defendant. As in civilian criminal court, the defendant has the right to present their alibi, offer contradictory evidence and testimony, and call witnesses. These cases tend to unfold quickly, and once the panel decides on a case, they proceed directly to sentencing.

Penalties for conviction of any UCMJ violation are likely to be much harsher than many service members initially realize. For example, fines are possible in response to some offenses, or the defendant could face reduced pay for several months. In addition, defendants may face compulsory total forfeiture of their pay and allowances earned from military service for serious offenses. Penalties can also include incarceration in military prison and discharge from service. These, in turn, will have severe consequences in the defendant’s civilian life, and they will be prohibited from entering any other branch of the military.

Benefits of Hiring a Naval Base Coronado Military Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are kicked out of the military for a UCMJ violation, your future plans could be at extreme risk. A dishonorable discharge will severely limit your employment options and ability to qualify for financial aid for school and may disqualify you from certain benefits programs. In addition, your military record can continue interfering with your life for many years.

When you hire an experienced military criminal defense attorney to represent you, you are far better prepared to meet the unique legal challenges your case presents. You may have some idea of the defenses available to you, but only an experienced legal advocate can help you take full advantage of them. When you choose Aaron Meyer Law to handle your defense, you can expect responsive and aggressive defense representation from the very outset of your case.

Find Your Navy Legal Advocate at Naval Base Coronado

Our firm has built a strong reputation as a leading choice for criminal defense counsel for members of the military. Attorney Aaron Meyer is a former US Marine with years of experience providing criminal defense representation to fellow members of the military. We have maintained a perfect record of zero convictions due to Attorney Meyer’s extensive professional experience, familiarity with the articles of the UCMJ, and the dedication of the team at Aaron Meyer Law to provide the comprehensive defense counsel that every US service member deserves.

Time is a crucial concern for any military criminal case. Unfortunately, a case involving an alleged UCMJ violation at Naval Base Coronado is likely to unfold much faster than you expect, leaving you little time to coordinate defense counsel and reinforce your side of the case. If you need to speak with a Naval Base Coronado military criminal defense attorney, contact Aaron Meyer Law today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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