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“He is clearly the best trial or defense counsel that I have observed in the courtroom” –Senior Defense Counsel, Marine Corps

The Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, is one of the most important and historically significant military education centers in the country. Established in 1845, the Naval Academy is the second oldest military service academy in the country, training roughly 1,000 midshipmen each year for the Navy and Marine Corps. Upon graduation, a midshipman will either elevate to the level of an ensign in the Navy or a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Representation for the Naval Academy at Annapolis

Members of the military attending the Naval Academy are not only beholden to the rules and regulations of the academy itself but also to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). This is the set of laws and the code of conduct that apply specifically to members of the military. The UCMJ not only outlines expectations for service member conduct but also defines various offenses that could lead to prosecution.

While the military criminal justice system shares some similarities with the civilian criminal justice system, there are several distinct differences that every service member must know and understand. If you or a loved one is attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis or are stationed at the Academy as your method of service, it is crucial to know what to do if you are charged with violating the UCMJ in any way.

Benefits of Defense Representation You Can Trust

Every US military member has the same right to legal counsel as a civilian under the Sixth Amendment. This means that if you are accused of violating the UCMJ, you have the right to have a military criminal defense attorney represent you and provide ongoing counsel through all of the difficult proceedings you face. You could have a defense attorney from within your branch of service detailed to your case and represent you free of charge, similar to how a public defender can represent a civilian who is unable or unwilling to pay for private defense counsel. However, investing in the services of an experienced Annapolis military criminal defense attorney offers a higher level of legal representation and a greater chance of reaching the best possible outcome for your case.

Attorney Aaron Meyer is a former US Marine and Judge Advocate with years of experience in military criminal defense. Attorney Meyer consistently leverages his experience with military criminal law and UCMJ procedure to the benefit of his fellow service members, and the team at Aaron Meyer Law has maintained a spotless record of successful cases. While it’s natural to be hesitant about hiring private defense representation, it is always worth having the reassurance that comes with knowing your defense is in trustworthy and capable hands.

When you choose Aaron Meyer Law as your military criminal defense team, we will immediately begin looking for every opportunity to deconstruct the prosecution’s case against you. The military criminal justice system moves far more swiftly than the civilian criminal courts, so you have a very limited time to prepare for your impending case once you have been charged with a UCMJ violation. The sooner you connect with an Annapolis military criminal defense attorney you can trust, the better your chances are of reaching a positive outcome for your case.

Cases We Handle

Members of the military can potentially face a wide range of possible legal proceedings depending on the nature and severity of their alleged UCMJ violation. When it comes to candidates attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis, significant violations could easily lead to removal from the Academy or even the end of their military careers. However, an experienced Annapolis military criminal defense attorney can potentially spare their client the worst penalties they face or help them prove their innocence if they have been wrongfully convicted.

Aaron Meyer Law has years of experience handling all types of criminal cases on behalf of US service members, including:

  • Article 15 cases. An Article 15 is a formal reprimand from a commanding officer, usually accompanied by nonjudicial punishment. For example, when a commanding officer recognizes that a subordinate has failed to meet performance standards or requires some form of correction for recent behavior, they can use the Article 15 process as an alternative to administrative separation or court-martial.
  • Administrative separation. If a member of the military fails to adapt to military life, fails to meet physical fitness standards, or otherwise cannot perform their duties effectively, they could face administrative separation and an early end to their military career. This process is generally reserved for service members who do not necessarily qualify for prosecution through court-martial but have erred significantly enough for their commanding officer to question their fitness to remain in service.
  • Court-martial. This is the most serious military judicial process a US service member can face. The special court-martial process is usually implemented for addressing UCMJ violations that would be equivalent to misdemeanors for civilians. The general court-martial process is for commissioned officers accused of serious UCMJ violations or cases that would be equivalent to felony offenses for civilians.

Midshipmen attending the Naval Academy at Annapolis and all other US service members face a wide range of potential penalties when charged with violating the UCMJ. Penalties for these service members can easily include forfeiture of pay and allowances, incarceration in military prison, demotion in rank, or removal from service. If a service member is kicked out of the military with a dishonorable discharge, this will interfere with their civilian life in many ways. A midshipman removed from the Naval Academy would have their entire military career essentially ruined, and it’s vital to mount the strongest defense possible if you find yourself in any such situation.

Attorney Aaron Meyer and the team at Aaron Meyer Law can provide comprehensive defense counsel no matter what type of case is unfolding against you. Our firm takes a client-focused and aggressive approach to criminal defense. When our team accepts your case, we will immediately begin building your defense and preparing you for the difficult proceedings ahead of you. Contact Aaron Meyer Law today and schedule your consultation with an Annapolis military criminal defense attorney to learn more about the legal services we offer.

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