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The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center is a pivotal strategic education center in Monterey, instructing more than 3,500 students per year in more than a dozen languages, with courses ranging from 36 to 64 months. Civilians who work for the Department of Defense and members of all branches of the United States military attend the Foreign Language Center to increase their mission capability in various global regions.

“A rare talent in the courtroom. His cross examination skills are nearly unrivaled. He represents clients fearlessly and works tirelessly on their behalf. He pursues his cases with a level of dedication that is inspiring.” -Marine Corps’ Regional Defense Counsel

Military Criminal Defense Counsel for the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, CA

If you or a loved one lives in the Monterey area to attend the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and encounter any legal problem with the military leadership in command, it’s possible to face a wide range of serious consequences. This is because while members of the military are expected to follow the same laws as civilians, they are also beholden to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), a specific set of laws crafted solely for military personnel.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Counsel You Can Trust

It’s vital for every member of the US Armed Forces to know and understand the Articles of the UCMJ, the expectations they face in terms of job performance and good conduct, and the penalties they could face if they are found to have violated the UCMJ, even in a seemingly minor fashion. While the UCMJ includes many Articles that mirror the criminal justice codes enforced for civilians throughout the United States, the penalties associated with violations of these Articles are generally far more severe than those assigned to civilians convicted of similar offenses in civilian criminal courts.

Attorney Aaron Meyer and his team have a strong reputation as a leading choice for military criminal defense representation throughout the United States. Our firm is committed to responsive and aggressive defense counsel. When Aaron Meyer Law accepts your case as your Monterey military criminal defense attorney, we will immediately work to demolish the foundation of the case against you, highlight every available defense at your disposal, and help you approach this incredibly difficult situation with confidence and peace of mind.

Why Do I Need a Monterey Military Criminal Defense Attorney?

Every member of the US Armed Forces has the same constitutional rights as a civilian when accused of a crime. Specifically, they retain the right to remain silent and avoid self-incrimination; they also have the right to defense counsel. So, while it’s possible to have a military defense attorney detailed to your case, similar to the way a public defender could represent you at no charge in civilian criminal court, investing in the services of a private Monterey military criminal defense attorney can pay off tremendously in various ways.

If you are charged with a UCMJ violation, you could face a host of serious penalties and possibly even the end of your military career. Attorney Aaron Meyer is a former US Marine and Judge Advocate, and he and his team leverage this experience to provide client-focused defense counsel in every case our firm accepts. A private defense attorney can offer more personalized and responsive legal counsel than you could expect from a detailed military lawyer. Once you are charged with any type of UCMJ violation, it’s essential to reach out to legal counsel you can trust as soon as possible.

Military Criminal Cases at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Every branch of the US military enforces the UCMJ, but each branch has different rules and procedures for addressing alleged UCMJ violations. The military has its own internal criminal justice system, and while a defendant has many of the same rights as they would in civilian criminal court, the pacing of military criminal cases is much faster than civilian criminal court proceedings. Additionally, there are various levels of legal trouble a US service member could face depending on the nature and severity of their alleged violation:

  • Article 15 hearings are typically used as formal warnings from commanding officers to subordinates. When a service member has displayed poor performance or committed an act that does not necessarily qualify as a UCMJ violation, their commanding officer could issue an Article 15 as a reprimand. This typically entails some sort of nonjudicial punishment aimed at correcting the service member’s behavior, and the record of the Article 15 will tarnish the service member’s service record, to a degree.
  • Administrative separation is often used to discharge service members who fail to adapt to military life, meet physical fitness requirements, or consistently display poor character and/or inability to complete their assigned duties. If you are facing an administrative separation, the penalties may not be as severe as they would be in a court-martial, but this process would still mean the end of your military career.
  • Court-martial proceedings are the equivalent of criminal court proceedings for a civilian. The special court-martial process is reserved for offenses that would qualify as misdemeanor violations for a civilian, while the general court-martial process addresses offenses that would likely constitute felonies. There are unique court-martial procedures for enlisted service members that are different from those for commissioned officers, and penalties for court-martial can fluctuate based on many case-specific factors.

The military’s criminal justice system is very swift, and this means a defendant has a very limited time in which to secure legal counsel, mount their defense, and otherwise prepare for the difficult proceedings ahead of them.

Resolve Your Case With Confidence

The right Monterey military criminal defense attorney on your side can make a tremendous impact on the outcome of your impending case. The penalties for UCMJ violation can be severe and include forfeiture of pay and allowances, fines, incarceration in military prison, and removal from service. In addition, depending on the nature of the violation in question, it’s possible for the defendant to face a dishonorable discharge that will abruptly end their military career and cause problems in their future civilian life.

Aaron Meyer Law is ready to provide the comprehensive military defense counsel you need, no matter what type of case you face at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Contact our firm today and schedule a consultation with a military criminal defense team you can rely on to guide you through your case.

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