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The Goodfellow Air Force Base is a nonflying US Air Force base, meaning the base does not manage air traffic or any flight missions. However, it is an important part of the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command, providing intelligence and cryptologic training to members of all branches of the military. If you or a loved one lives in the San Angelo, TX, area and attends classes or works at the Goodfellow Air Force Base, it’s important to understand how the military criminal justice system works in the face of any accusation of criminal activity.

“What impressed me the most about Aaron was his tenacity in the courtroom and his undying loyalty for his client…” Scott B, military defense attorney

Experienced Military Defense Counsel for Goodfellow Air Force Base Service Members

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the set of laws enforced for members of the US military. Every Article of the UCMJ explains a different rule or expectation for service members, and it’s crucial for all service members, enlisted and commissioned alike, to follow the UCMJ at all times. The UCMJ not only includes a criminal justice code but also a code of conduct, enforcing stricter rules for appropriate behavior and good character that do not apply to most civilians.

If you are charged with any UCMJ violation, you need military criminal defense representation that you can trust to guide you through your case proceedings. Every member of the military has the same right to legal counsel as a civilian when they are accused of a crime, but the military criminal justice system proceeds much faster than civilian criminal court. Aaron Meyer Law can provide the comprehensive defense counsel you need to approach your impending proceedings with more peace of mind and a much better chance of avoiding the penalties that could be assigned to you if convicted.

Why Do I Need a San Angelo Military Criminal Defense Attorney?

When a civilian is charged with a crime and is unable or unwilling to pay for private defense representation, the court can appoint a public defender to act as their defense representation at no charge. Similarly, a member of the military charged with violating the UCMJ can have a defense attorney from within the military detailed to their case at no cost. However, if you have the means to hire private criminal defense representation, they are likely going to be able to provide a higher level of defense counsel than even the best-detailed defense attorney can offer.

Attorney Aaron Meyer has cultivated a strong reputation as one of the best military criminal defense attorneys in the country. Aaron Meyer Law has maintained a perfect professional record thanks to our team’s commitment to client outcomes and unwavering dedication to aggressive and meticulous criminal defense representation. We do not believe in taking a reactive approach to criminal defense, instead focusing on dismantling the prosecution’s case at its foundations with speed and detailed arguments. If you are convicted of violating the UCMJ, you could face severe penalties or even an abrupt end to your military career. Do not risk what you have worked so hard to achieve by attempting to handle your case on your own.

Types of Military Criminal Cases We Handle

Whenever you need legal representation of any kind, it is crucial that you select an attorney who has proven experience handling cases like yours. This is especially true when it comes to military criminal defense. The UCMJ mirrors most civilian criminal justice codes in many ways, but there are many significant differences when it comes to the penalties a defendant will face if convicted. While an Article of the UCMJ may outline an offense you would find listed in your state’s criminal code, the penalties are likely to be far more serious than what a civilian would face.

The military has different levels of judiciary proceedings that can influence your future in various ways. When it comes to military criminal defense at the Goodfellow Air Force Base, Aaron Meyer Law can assist you with:

  • Article 15 hearings. When a commanding officer needs to correct a subordinate’s behavior and/or performance, but the subordinate does not qualify for prosecution, an Article 15 is essentially a formal reprimand. A commanding officer can issue an Article 15 and enact a nonjudicial punishment for the subordinate in question, but if the subordinate believes the accusation is wrongful or unjust, a San Angelo military criminal defense attorney can help them determine their best options when faced with an Article 15.
  • Administrative separation hearings. A service member could be involuntarily separated from service for failure to adapt to military life, failure to meet specific performance requirements, failure to meet physical fitness standards, or other noncriminal reasons. If you are cited for administrative separation and intend to fight it and preserve your military career, you will need an experienced military criminal defense attorney on your side.
  • Special court-martial. The most serious judicial proceedings a service member can face is a court-martial, and the special court-martial process is usually implemented for handling cases that would likely qualify as misdemeanors for civilians.
  • General court-martial. The general court-martial process is meant to address violations of the UCMJ that occur at the felony level.

A civilian may face tremendous penalties if they break the law, but the penalties a service member could face if they are convicted of violating the UCMJ in a significant way are generally much harsher. If you are convicted in court-martial proceedings, this could easily spell the end of your military career. A dishonorable discharge will be a permanent stain on your record that could interfere with your civilian life in many ways. Additional penalties for UCMJ violations often include fines and forfeiture of pay and allowances, confinement in military prison, demotion in rank, and more.

Aaron Meyer Law can provide the comprehensive military criminal defense counsel you need if you are charged with any UCMJ violation at the Goodfellow Air Force Base. Attorney Aaron Meyer has years of experience handling all types of criminal cases for members of the military throughout the country. If you are ready to speak with an experienced San Angelo military criminal defense attorney, contact Aaron Meyer Law today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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