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Sometimes you do not need to make the financial commitment of full, long-term court-martial representation. Right now, you may just find yourself in a temporary legal dispute, the beginnings of a criminal accusation, or a less-complex legal situation that can be resolved early with the right legal leverage.

You need the full picture of the law or administrative regulations that pertain in your situation. You want to make sure you know your legal rights and how to exercise them the best way. You want to know what may happen next. You want to know if your command, the government, or a third party can actually do what they are doing to you. You need private counsel to review and analyze your evidence and give you a solid personalized solution.

Most Importantly, you need a smart, hard-hitting, and aggressive lawyer to interject himself early in this matter to make sure your rights are protected, your interests are presented properly, and the process is controlled. You need a strategy. You need bold action.

“Aaron takes his work very seriously and ultimately gave me back my faith in the legal system and that justice can and will prevail if you stick to your guns!…I would recommend him to anyone looking for who I consider to be one of the best damn Defense Attorneys around!” – J.E., former client

Get Hard-Hitting Military Law Experience for any Battle You’re Facing

“God bless and have no fear when you choose to use Aaron Meyer.” – parent of former client

When Aaron Meyer was an active duty Marine, he saw far too many Servicemembers abused, because they did not know their legal or administrative rights or how to exercise them. It can be very hard to get an attorney to assist you in smaller-scale disputes. However, Aaron Meyer Law knows that these types of matters are of great importance and value in your life, career, and pocketbook.

Since Aaron Meyer Law truly believes what we say about picking up the fight for David versus Goliath, we believe in providing you assistance you can afford even in the “little” battles. Thus, if Aaron Meyer can use his past knowledge and successes to provide you with an efficient, affordable result against a system that is often abused, we all win and create change. Everyone should have access to justice, especially our military families.

After we discuss the different reduced-package options available in your case, you decide how much or how little you need Aaron Meyer to advocate for you in your matter.

Aaron Meyer Law provides reduced package assistance in matters such as:

“With Aaron’s dedication, he saved my life that day. He is hardnosed and highly motivated for his clients. He will go the distance to see that justice is served and that an innocent man does not go to jail. I personally have gotten to know Aaron for the past four years and I would put him against any lawyer and I know he will win.” – A.R., former client

  • Military Protective Order termination
  • NonJudicial Punishment/Article 15 proceedings and appeals
  • Command Investigations
  • NCIS/OSI/CID Criminal Investigations
  • Security Clearance assistance
  • Civil and personal effects claims
  • Article 139 claims for civil recovery
  • Administrative/Legal Hold abuse
  • Inspector General Complaints
  • Complaints against the Government for Denied Rights or Maltreatment
  • SCRA disputes
  • Base housing/landlord disputes
  • Servicemember contract and consumer disputes
  • Denial of BAH or Entitlements
  • Medical Separation Board suspensions
  • Court-Martial Clemency

When you are ready to learn how Aaron Meyer Law can provide you with reduced packaged assistance or representation in your military legal dispute, call 949-390-5157 or fill out the form below.

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